Decoratieschilder Amsterdam



Voor veel Decoratieschilder Amsterdam, rekwisieten maker, decorbouwer: Selma van Gent/ Selfmade in Amsterdam

NL: Decoratieschilder Amsterdam, Selma van Gent: Selfmade in Amsterdam sinds 2000:
Exclusieve hand-gemaakte 3 en 2 dimensionale decoraties, rekwisieten en interieurs

voor film, theater, musea, winkels, horeca, privé huizen, bedrijven en instellingen.

Ontwerpen, tekenen, bouwen, schilderen, naaien, winkelen en herinrichten (stylen).. ik doe het allemaal van A tot Z.
Selfmade in Amsterdam houdt zich bezig met design, vervaardiging, decoreren en opbouw van sets en props.
Wij visualiseren de ideeën van de klant en werken deze uit.
Bij grote opdrachten werken wij samen met externe bedrijven en freelancers.

EN: Exclusive handmade 3 and 2 dimensional decorations, props and interior for movie, theatre, museum, shops, horeca, privite houses, companies and institutes. Designing, drawing, building, painting, shewing, shopping and restyling… i do it all from A til Z.

Selfmade in Amsterdam is involved with design, productions/ constructions for film/tv, theaters, galleries, interiors and fairs.
I envisage clients’ ideas and make them happen. I work with a number of companies and freelancers. I believe that everything is possible!

Give more details and specialty to simple things. Makes everything look more interesting and exact the way you like it. Painting shapes with different colors or making object look really old or rusty. And decorate empty rooms to a room with style by using paint ore fabrics.

Imitation of all kinds of wood, stone, metallic, steel, concrete and more.

All 3-dimensional objects which are stand clear from its vicinity (room ore décor). So you are able to move them around. This object can be really small or big. Handmade with all kind of materials. From wood till fabrics and from clay till plastic. All props are exclusive and one of a kind!

Wall paintings:
Original wall painting for child rooms, showrooms, living rooms and many more places. The painting can be photorealistic or more abstract. I am painting a hole room are just one wall.

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